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Different Techniques Of Oil Painting

Dry brush: A bristle brush which is dry is to take a small quantity of color from a tube of paint and apply it lightly on the painting surface be it canvas or board. If the surface is uneven then the raised portions will absorb the paint leaving the lower portions to be seen through its natural coloring. This gives a wavy and broken effect.

Basic Toning of canvas: it is a technique to give the canvas a basic tone with a warm color. Sometimes the natural color of the painting surface can be so bright that it makes the painting too much of a contrast. To reduce such stark contrast you can apply a base color on to the whole surface which will help you to do the rest of the painting with better judgment. It is very useful especially on learning how to paint rain using oil painting. This base color toning can be any color of your choice, but usually warm colors such as red, brown, light orange or yellow gives the finished canvas a brighter look.

Alla Prima Technique: This involves finishing a complete painting in one single session. It was the famous artist Bob Ross who made this painting technique really popular on one of his shows on television. During this show he executed a wonderful painting from start to finish within half an hour.

Using Painting Knives: Yet another is to use a knife to apply paint on the canvas. If you have not tried this method yet, then give it a shot. You may find you are able to paint quite easily and fast with a knife just like applying butter on a slice of bread. The only thing to remember is that while learning how to paint rain with a knife the consistency of the paint should be butter like. When we say painting knife remember it is NOT the palette knife since the painting knife is constructed in a different manner to a palette knife.

Glazing: This method of applying translucent layers of paint which is called glazing gives a rich and realistic look to any canvas. In this oil painting technique the colors are not blended together before painting. The colors are brought out by applying transparent colors one on top of the other. Glazing method gives a luminescent sheen and natural look result.

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